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Machinability designs and manufactures snow plow equipment for a wide variety of applications for extreme commercial use utilizing advanced design and manufacturing processes.

Whether you are looking for a highly cost effective small plow for clearing sidewalks or looking to equip your entire corporate or municipal fleet with large, powered, articulated blades, we have a solution that will match your requirements.

Some of our blade features include:

- Machinability's standard mounting system ensuring reliability and compatibility with all of our plow mounts

- Lightweight, ultra-strong construction ensuring long life

- Fully supported beam mounting system providing long blade life, reduced time for blade replacement, increased fuel economy, reduced stress on hydraulics and plow components, and reduced strain on vehicle drive train.


Recent News

Machinability Product Line Acquired by Drive Products Inc.

Drive Products is pleased to announce the acquisition of the Machinability product line from Baylynx Manufacturing.
Machinability designs and manufactures snow plow equipment for a wide variety of applications for extreme commercial use, utilizing advanced design and manufacturing processes.

Machinability ‘s current product offering consists of containment snow plow equipment for larger loaders and tractors and will complement our existing snow and ice products and further enhance DPI’s overall distribution to this market.

Machinability Products Include:

V-Blades        Power Side Wings       Power Extendable      Box (Pusher) Plows      Salters

This is a tremendous opportunity to grow our overall product offering which aligns with our current strategic growth and
manufacturing plan.

Corporate Profile

With over 30 years of experience, Drive Products has established itself as Canada’s leading truck equipment supplier. Our mission statement states that “our company exists because of our customers, our employees, and our expertise” and it drives the success of our business.

We take great care in providing solutions to the mobile and industrial markets by offering some of the most reputable brands at a competitive price.

Count on us for product innovation and proven exceptional customer service at our locations across Canada. We are staffed with factory trained professionals experienced in systems engineering, manufacturing, installation and repair services for mobile and industrial applications.

Drive Products Territory Managers will be following up with customers in the near future. If you require additional information regarding this acquisition, please contact Tyler Moss (tyler.moss@driveproducts.com). For all product related questions, please contact Lanny Elson (Product Manager) at lanny.elson@driveproducts.com.

Posted: 09/23/2016
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